Kickstart Session: Construction Scheduling and Project Sequencing 

Please join us for our next Kickstart Session!
Construction Scheduling and Project Sequencing


Kickstart Sessions complement the Jumpstart Wilmington program and offer information around specific topics related to the development process.   

Construction scheduling sequences activities and deliverables that need to be completed during the life of the project and is critical to the overall construction timeline and project management. Please join us as our speaker, Martha M. White, explains the importance of construction scheduling and project sequencing, how a construction schedule fits into a master schedule, and software that helps create and manage your construction schedule.   


Please register by October 20th to ensure receipt of the Zoom link needed to attend this session. We look forward to seeing you on October 24th


Martha White has spent the last 25 years making EDiS interiors projects look easy. From complex occupied sites, to phased construction plans, to fit-outs and refreshes of large spaces and small, Martha has mastered it all. She is a client advocate that will represent their interests as her own, and she protects the budget and schedule with a tenacity rarely found. Whether working with owners, owner’s reps, designers, or trade contractors, Martha’s meticulous attention to every detail has saved hundreds of hours and dollars both before and during construction. Her ability to see the full system of a job and make decisions based on the impacts to all trades, both the obvious and the not so obvious, is one of many things that sets her apart. Clients ask for her again and again. Work with her once to see why.


Jumpstart Wilmington was launched to help Wilmington residents to become developers of their own neighborhood through quality, community-focused real estate development training and financing options. Our program is modeled after the original Jumpstart Germantown Program, which was created by Ken Weinstein to facilitate the revitalization of the Germantown neighborhood of Philadelphia through high quality residential renovations.
Increased local developer capacity in Wilmington is the key to scaling development activity and revitalizing communities more rapidly. We see residents of Wilmington communities as the best resource for neighborhood revitalization, as many have potential to effect positive change in their neighborhoods. Jumpstart Wilmington can provide aspiring developers who live in Wilmington communities with the skills, knowledge, and support they need to rehabilitate key properties, one at a time. In the absence of established real estate developers willing to invest in smaller scale projects, this program will cultivate a force of new local developers who currently reside in Wilmington or have a commitment to improving Wilmington neighborhoods.
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